Test Closure Report and Checklist: How to Create and Maintain Them

Test Closure Report and Checklist: How to Create and Maintain Them

Test Closure Report and Checklist: How to Create and Maintain Them 150 150 Daniel Shires

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Test Environment Setup decides the software and hardware conditions under which a work product is tested. It is one of the critical aspects of the testing process and can be done in parallel with the Test Case Development Phase. Test team may not be involved in this activity if the development team provides the test environment. The test team is required to do a readiness check (smoke testing) of the given environment. The popular belief amongst the masses is that testing during software development is just one activity which validates the strength of the software. What they conveniently overlook is the fact that testing does not involve just one particular type, in fact, it consists of many testing techniques that need to be followed carefully and painstakingly.

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The Test Case Development Phase involves the creation, verification and rework of test cases & test scripts after the test plan is ready. Initially, the Test data is identified then created and reviewed and then reworked based on the preconditions. Then the QA team starts the development process of test cases for individual units.

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An important component of test closure activities is the meetings that discuss and document lessons learned from the testing as well as the complete software development life cycle. Creating a test closure report and checklist is not a one-time activity, but rather an ongoing process that requires regular updates and revisions throughout the testing process. To ensure accuracy and relevancy, you should establish a baseline version of the report and checklist at the start of the testing process, while also communicating and collaborating with the test team and stakeholders. Periodically review and validate both documents, incorporating any changes or feedback from the team and stakeholders. Finally, finalize and approve the report and checklist at the end of the testing process, then distribute them to all relevant parties. Test closure is an important phase in the software development life cycle, which has six distinct stages, to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the software before we release it to the end users.

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In the initial stages of STLC, while the software product or the application is being developed, the testing team analyzes and defines the scope of testing, entry and exit criteria, and also test cases. As soon as the development phase is over, the testing team is ready with test cases and starts the execution. Test closure is the final stage of the software testing life cycle (STLC), where you evaluate the testing process, document the results, and archive the test artifacts. It is a crucial step to ensure the quality of the software product and to learn from the testing experience. In this article, we will discuss some best practices for test closure, including how to celebrate and recognize the test team’s achievements and contributions. A test closure report is a report that describes the testing activities performed by a QA team.

Test summary report: A high-level overview of testing outcomes

Testing is a challenging and demanding task that requires a lot of skills, efforts, and dedication. You should acknowledge the test team’s hard work and performance, and express your appreciation and gratitude. You should also reward the test team with incentives, such as bonuses, certificates, gifts, or recognition awards. You should also organize a fun and relaxing activity, such as a party, a lunch, or a game, to celebrate the successful completion of the testing process and to boost the test team’s morale and motivation. Gurzu is a software development company passionate about building software that solve real-life problems. This concludes the topics which are part of the first chapter from the ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager syllabus.

Test closure reports provide a detailed analysis of the types of testing carried out, processes followed, the number of test cycles performed, the status of bugs found, and open defects details. Every QA team prepares test closure reports to ensure that the product release is stable. They discuss what worked well, what didn’t, and any lessons learned during the testing phase. Later, the customer representatives review and accept it before implementation.

What Do You Understand by Test Closure Activities?

Test Closure is a document that gives a summary of all the tests conducted during the software development life cycle, it also gives a detailed analysis of the bugs removed and errors found . In other words, Test Closure is a memo that is prepared prior to formally completing the testing process. This memo contains a report of test cases executed, type and number of defects found, the density of defects, etc. The first step of test closure is to review the test objectives and scope that were defined at the beginning of the testing process.

  • You should update the test repository after the test closure phase, and make sure that all the test artifacts are organized, accurate, consistent, and complete.
  • Whether you’re a seasoned tester or new to the field, this guide provides the step-by-step process of crafting a concise and informative test closure report.
  • A test closure report should report on the overall quality of the testing process and the product under test, and evaluate the performance, effectiveness, and efficiency of the testing process and the product quality.
  • In this article, you will learn how to create and maintain a test closure report and checklist, which are essential tools for summarizing and communicating the testing activities and achievements.
  • The popular belief amongst the masses is that testing during software development is just one activity which validates the strength of the software.

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Document the test results and outcomes

From evaluating each and every software testing process to the analyzing the software for defects, with the assistance of test closure activities, the team lead or manager easily validates the quality of testing as well as the software. A test closure report and checklist are not only mandatory deliverables for the testing process, but also valuable sources of information and insight for the project team and the organization. These documents provide a clear and concise summary of the testing process and outcomes, which can assist in decision making, reporting, and auditing. Additionally, they can highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the testing process, helping to identify and resolve any issues or risks. Furthermore, they showcase the achievements and value of the testing process, demonstrating and enhancing the test team’s credibility and reputation. Finally, they capture the lessons learned and best practices from the testing process, helping to improve and optimize test processes and methods for future projects.

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It is used to communicate and coordinate the test improvement actions with stakeholders and customers, as well as track and report the progress and results of the test improvement actions. The plan should include sections such as objectives and scope, areas and action items, prioritization criteria and ranking, action owners and timelines, monitoring and control, and evaluation and review. These activities are performed collectively and are termed Test Closure Activities. These activities are performed after the testing phase is complete and after the software release. The main purpose behind these activities is to ensure the quality of the software.

Test case development

The exit criteria of this phase is the provision of test closure reports and preparation of matrices which are later signed off by the client. After checking the test work, the relevant test objects and documentation are handed over to the individuals or teams needing them in the future. This transfer of information ensures future maintenance, troubleshooting, or further development. About 380 new homes were built, but it costs the city more to provide police and fire service there than it gets in property taxes. The Army kept ownership of 2,000 homes on the base, used for staff and students at two Defense Department schools, but does not pay property taxes. The Army kept open the Post Exchange and an Army gas station, depriving local businesses of sales and the city of sales taxes, Mr. Oglesby said.