If you have any ticket related enquiries about CarFest United, queries not directly answered here, please feel free to email CarFest directly at

Any other queries please email

  • If I have a ticket for CarFest North, what do I do?

Nothing at the moment, we will automatically allocate you a ticket for CarFest United, you will receive this in the usual way through the post.

  • I can’t make the new dates what are my options?

If you cannot make it to CarFest United this year, then you have the following options:

  • You can transfer them to a friend or family member that may be able to attend
  • You can transfer your tickets to 2021
  • You can donate the money to charity 
  • You can get a refund

For any other of the above queries, please email with your reference number, details of your existing booking. Please bear with us, this is a complex process and nothing that we’ve ever experienced before.

  • How can I get to the South? 

We are currently in the process of arranging alternative transport for all our CarFest North visitors. As soon as we have more information, we will contact you directly. Please make sure you keep checking the website, our socials and that you have signed up to the newsletter, as we will be using all these methods to keep you updated.

  • I have booked both North and South – can I get a refund for North?

Yes of course. If you would prefer to transfer the tickets to friends or family to join you, we can also arrange this for you. Alternatively, you can also hold on to your tickets for CarFest North 2021.

  • Are the camping arrangements the same as at CarFest North?

Yes, the pitches are the same size and all similar campsite facilities will be available.

  • Will my CAMC Permit still be valid?

Yes, this will still be valid.

  • Will we still get the same sized pitch in the south for my caravan/motorhome

Yes, you will.

  • Will my Hotel Bell Tent or Tangerine Fields booking be automatically changed over?

Yes, they will. We are just in the process of managing this with both Hotel Bell Tent and Tangerine Fields. We will be writing to you in the next couple of weeks to reconfirm how the process will work. You will also receive communications from either Hotel Bell Tent or Tangerine Fields, to confirm your booking.

  • When are you going to announce the line-up?

We will start announcing our guests and line-up throughout April and ahead of our 2nd ticket release on 23rd April.

  • When is the next ticket release?

Our 2nd ticket release will be on 23rd April.

  • Will tickets only be available on 23rd April or throughout the period up to CarFest United?

We will continue to sell any remaining tickets up to the weekend of CarFest United, but we cannot guarantee which tickets may be available after 23rd April.

For all enquiries relating to CarFest, please contact CarFest directly at