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CarFest North 2018 - Local Traffic Information

We are delighted to welcome CarFest North back to Bolesworth from 27th - 29th July. the event organisers have issued information concerning local traffic flow for local residents and those working in the immediate area. 

General Traffic Information

  • Harthill Lane and Bolesworth Hill Rd will be subject to one way systems to allow traffic into the event in the morning and leave in the evening. The one way systems will be reversed later in the day.
  • In the mornings, from 8am, both roads will be one way Northbound from the A534 until approx 2pm. From approx 7pm both roads will become one way Southbound taking traffic from the event to the A534 until around midnight.
  • The pattern above will be repeated on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the event., Between 2- 7pm and Midnight and 8am a normal two way flow will be in operation.
  • CarFest Traffic staff will do their upmost to make residents aware of what phase is in play using directional arrows outside your properties so you can plan your journey accordingly.
  • Please note, a further one way system will operate on the Monday morning after the event from the Bolesworth Hill Road/Dark Lane junction flowing Southbound to the A534. This is to facilitate visitors leaving the campsites.
  • Residents of Harthill can exit via Dark Lane or Burwardsley during the inbound phase of traffic (approx 8am until 2pm), otherwise via Harthill Lane onto the A534 during the outbound phase (approx 7pm until midnight).
  • Residents of Tattenhall and Milton Green please note, there will be a route in and out of the area at all times, via Frog Lane to the A41 – we are not planning to use Frog Lane for festival trafficc

Temporary Road Closures

In order to keep the traffic moving smoothly it may be necessary to close 2 approach roads to all but event traffic.

  • Rocky Lane at junction with Frog Lane Friday 27th – 29th July 06:00-13:00 and 19:00-23:00 daily and 30th July 0600-1300
  • Bolesworth Hill Road at junction with Bolesworth Road. Friday 27th- 29th July 00:00-23:59 daily and 30th July 00:00-13:00

Temporary Restrictions

Please Note - There will be temporary 40mph speed limits on the A41 and A534 from 00:01 on Thursday 26th July until 23:59 on 30th July

Comprehensive event signage will be in place throughout the event to direct all visitors onto the correct routes to gain access to the event.

Temporary Traffic Lights

Temporary lights will be in place to manage the departure of event visitors. These will operate from 6pm to midnight on Friday 27th Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th July and Monday 30th July 0800 - 1300.

  • •A41 at Chowley Lodge - (Friday-Monday Exit)
  • •A41/ Old Coach Road – (Available Week Commencing 23rd July – 30th July)
  • •A534 at Harthill Lane – (Friday-Monday Exit)
  • •A534 at Bolesworth Hill Road (Sunday and Monday Exit)

Anticipated Peak Times

Visitors will be arriving and departing over a period of hours. The peak times below are the times when the traffic is expected to be at its heaviest. Poor weather conditions

may affect peak times and overall traffic numbers.

Thurs 26th July


FRI 27th July

ARRIVAL TIME 8.30am – 12pm

DEPARTURE TIME 9.30pm- 11pm

SAT 28th July

ARRIVAL TIME 9am – 10.30am

DEPARTURE TIME 9.30pm- 11.30pm

SUN 29th July

ARRIVAL TIME 9– 10.30am

DEPARTURE TIME 9.30pm- 11pm

MON 30th July 

DEPARTURE TIME 9am-10.30am