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Dairy Farming

A Rich Pedigree

Bolesworth Estate has a rich pedigree of dairy farming with over 6,000 acres of lush Cheshire grassland.

The Estate’s tenant farmers are amongst the most efficient and profitable dairy farmers in the country. Our dairy farms are modern, purpose built farms designed with the welfare of the dairy cow as a priority and we have a continual investment programme in order to ensure our farms are able to compete with the very best of British agriculture.

With over 3,000 cows on the Estate the Estate’s dairy farms produce over 17 million litres of milk annually; that is enough for the cornflakes of every person living in Chester and Liverpool.

Far from being park keepers our farmers are business men and women and it is a direct result of their hard work, investment and diligence that the surrounding countryside is so enjoyable both to look at and to be a part of.

dairy farming
dairy farming